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Truly Christmas™

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Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” better than this festive red and white centerpiece. Choose it as the perfect finishing touch for your own holiday table, or send it to a loved one who can’t get enough of this joyful season.

Red carnations, white mums, and fragrant greens are arranged with a red tapered candle.

Product ID UFN1441

Approximately 15" W x 14" H

What People Are Saying

  September 20, 2023

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Sunshine Surprise™ delivered to Sacramento, CA

My brother's widow was suffering physically & emotionally. She had Covid & had to put her beloved pup of 17 years to sleep. The one year anniversary of my brother's death will be in 3 days.Raquel's flowers were fabulous; My sis-in-law was not responding to texts or voice mails. But when she received Raquel's flowers she immediately sent a text with a photo & the message "these flowers are gorgeous!"For me, they were very, very costly. There's a $10 processing fee and a $20 delivery fee that blew me out of the water. I don't understand why it's so much. I am on a tight budget. Yet I would spend the money again, in a flash. Without a second's hesitation, because they delivered the joy, happiness, & relief I so desperately wanted her to receive.Although I placed the order on-line, as a 70 year-old- nut case, I needed to call, to make sure everything was ok. Again, this was a great deal of money to me; I didn't want to squander it.Raquel's staff could not have been kinder. They understood every concern & then some. They assured me they would do their best - which they did - and when I broke down crying were sweet & comforting.I could not more highly recommend them. If you are on a supremely tight budget, this might not be the place for you. I live 35 miles from my sis-in-law; all things considered this was some of the best money I've ever spent.I could not recommend them more highly. The arrangement was better than the picture. The service was swift & extraordinary. Their customer service exceeds kind & compassionate.

  September 18, 2023

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   High-Rise Prize™ delivered to Sacramento, CA

Outstanding customer service. Beautiful flowers.

  September 14, 2023

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Bright Medley™ delivered to West Sacramento, CA

Such a beautiful and colorful bouquet with gorgeous lilies, roses, carnations and other vivid pinks and purple flowers that complimented the deep purple vase. Impressed with the quality and style of the arrangement.

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